5 ways to get your sale to go much faster

There’s no doubt the property market is slowing a little, or as we like to optimistically call it ‘catching its breath’...

It is now more important than ever to not only get your property sold, but also to hang on to that buyer. Unnecessary delays in the sale increase the chance of a fall through – you could have five or more buyers behind you in the chain and the longer the process takes the more time for issues. Perhaps one of them starts to fee unsure about their job, there could be illness in the family, a couple breaking up or simply changing their mind. Whatever the reason, the longer the sale takes, the more chance of something going wrong.

So here are our top 5 tips to make sure you don’t cause an accidental delay

  • Get the ball rolling before you sell. You’re going to need a solicitor and even if it’s one you know, get in touch before you sell to do the initial paperwork. They’ll likely have to get up to date ID for you, request papers on the property being sold and get their terms and conditions signed. You’ll possibly need to give them funds in advance too. Get it all done early so they’re ready to roll once the all-important sales memorandum arrives.
  • Survey-proof your home. The old saying goes ‘mend the roof when the sun is shining’. Well the same applies when selling. Take a hard look at the house and put right all those annoying issues that might crop up on a survey and hold things up whilst the buyer gets numerous quotes from builders or worse still, pulls out altogether.
  • Use email and the phone. Don’t wait for letters to arrive. Use email to send photos of documents to your solicitor and back them up with originals by mail (or hand delivery). You’ll cut days from the sale time.
  • Be available. Make sure all parties have your best contact details – landline, email address (add everyone to a safe list so documents don’t get caught up in spam), mobiles and work numbers. “I can’t get hold of my client” should never be an excuse for a delay.
  • Be flexible. Don’t be a road block in the process. You almost certainly won’t be able to get the exact moving date you want and possibly not even the exact price. Maybe the buyer doesn’t want to pay full whack for the cutains. We’ve seen sales fall through over what are quite trivial matters. Be flexible and you’ll be much more certain to hang on to your buyer.

 This article was kindly provided by House Buy Fast, a local Worthing company.

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