7 Reasons to Move to Worthing Town Centre

Ok, so we’re biased – lets make that clear here and now.

But we’re not ashamed to love Worthing – it’s where we live, work, bring up our families. It isn’t perfect, but where is? And what’s not good is rapidly changing, and what is good is improving too. Our town centre is a great place to live and work and here are the Top 7 Reasons Why.

#7 The West End – The western end of Montague Street and Rowlands Road has transformed itself into a mini North Laines, with numerous antiques and retro shops including the spectacular Reginald Ballum (a jewel in Worthing’s crown says one review), Henry Nicholls Antiques and various artists painting, displaying and selling from their fascinating premises. And don’t get us started on the eateries!

#6 Fitness – we’ll get on to the outdoor pursuits available but lets hear it for the sports facilities in town. An eclectic mix of championship bowling greens at Beach House Park, the eye catching Splash Point swimming pool, tennis courts and even a famous boxing gym, Gym Xtreme in Bath Place. Given the temptations of Reason #5 you’ll likely need to stay in trim.

#5 Food – there’s much talk of Worthing soon getting it’s fair share of chain restaurants to add to Ask, Pizza Express and McDonalds – word on the street is we’ll soon have a Nandos as well as others in the soon to be re-generated Montague Centre. But whilst they’re great for a family meal, it’s the smaller, independent places that we love. Try a breakfast at The Istanbul Café in Heene Rd, lunch in Food by the Bowling Alley (the set menu is amazing value for such a classy vibe!), a pizza in Fiordilatte in Warwick St is fun, and have dinner in the Beach House right on the seafront. There are some great places here when you think about it.

#4 Outside Space – BN11, the town centre is lucky to have a number of lovely parks and outside spaces. Beach House Park, Marine Gardens and Splash Point are free to use 365 days a year.

#3 The Dreaded Commute – If you are lucky enough to live in town but not lucky enough to work there, don’t fear! Worthing Railway and Bus Station is a short walk away and despite being in the centre of things, you can soon be on the road to Brighton, Chichester or London (but we can’t promise there won’t be traffic somewhere along the line!).

#2 The Sea – like the parks, the sea is there for residents all year long and it’s fair to say that it is never the same twice. Very tidal, hosting some great views, sunrises and sunsets and infinite fresh air, the beach is a resource we all take for granted. Lovely cafes, restaurants and bars now line the coast giving a welcome escape from the extremes of seaside weather.

#1 Price – well we are estate agents after all and you’d expect property prices to be on our mind, but its true that Worthing offers great value compared to other towns. Look at this stat – the average price of BN11 (Worthing Town Centre) V BN1 (Brighton Town Centre) is £309,715 against a whopping £505,503. Buy a flat here and pocket, on average £88,000 difference. If you love Brighton, that’s a lot of taxis.

Sunny Worthing is the place for us!

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