A Spotlight on Findon Valley

Findon Valley near Worthing lies on the north of the town. This modern settlement got its name from the valley and is bordered on the east and west by the South Downs National Park. The last ice age saw the creation of this valley and like all dry down-land valleys, Findon valley was formed when the frozen chalk prevented water from seeping downwards.

The valley lies within the boundary of the Borough of Worthing and is separated from Findon Village. The valley is home to All Saints Parish Church, Vale School, and Findon Valley Free Church apart from the line of shops making it one of the most sought-after areas for the property buyers.

Findon Valley – A Well-Balanced Ecosystem

Apart from these landmarks, there are a wide range of properties available in the Findon Valley both for residential and commercial purposes. The residents of the Findon Village mostly travel to the valley for medical facilities such as Limetree Surgery as well as shops, take-aways and restaurants.

The valley has a beautiful countryside and open and green spaces for recreation make it an ideal place for home-buyers. The homes situated of Vale School are in high-demand.

Along with the beauty, the place is well connected to Worthing town centre. There are regular buses which run along the Findon Road at regular intervals. Apart from this, there is a cycle path created for easy access from the top of Washington Bostal in the north. The Valley is also tourist friendly as there is an array of bed and breakfast and guest house accommodation along with some cheap hotels.

Findon Valley is popular with commuters as it has direct access to the A24 northwards for London and Gatwick as well as the A27 going East and West for Brighton, Southampton and beyond.

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