Deco Design in Worthing

Many people consider Worthing to be a Victorian seaside town and to a great extent it is. What is so often forgotten is the tremendous amount of development carried out in the inter-war period especially in the late 1920s and 1930s.

Take a walk around Worthing and see some classic examples of the Art Deco period although some, alas have long since gone (I'm thinking particularly of the Odeon Cinema Complex which was redeveloped in the late 80s and is now TK Maxx).

The 1930s was the period when amongst the first purpose-built blocks of flats were built and classic examples with the rounded frontages are for example, Stoke Abbott Court and Onslow Court. Both of these blocks have over the years suffered with various maintenance problems and at one point became quite dilapidated but are now both seeing a resurgence with investment and returning to their former glory.

Well maintained examples are also to be seen at Arundel Court, Amberley Court in Lansdowne Road/Mill Road and Downview Court the Southern end of Downview Road in West Worthing. These blocks would have been amongst the top quality of the area when built with no expense spared on brass fittings, tile work, sweeping staircases, and sunny balconies.

Families were also catered for in this period with large - what we would now call executive homes - in Charmandean being built in First , Second, Third, and Fourth Avenue with more modest properties for families in Orchard Avenue, King Edward Avenue and the surrounding areas.

Nearly 90 years later, these properties are as popular as ever offering bright spacious cavity wall built construction with garden sizes that would be the envy of anything built since.

There are a few things buyers will need to watch for though.

Wall Ties are often corroded and roofs will be reaching the end of their useful life particularly in areas close to the sea. That aside, the 1930s is perhaps the most popular era of building for buyers of all budgets!

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