If You Are Selling a Property, You Need to Know This

The research questioned 1043 adults throughout the UK from February 21st and asked them, unprompted which property portals they could name. Zoopla scored 49%, Rightmove 40% and OnTheMarket 3%.

So if you’re selling, what does this mean?

Well, you really need to check if your agent uses OnTheMarket to advertise your home.

You can check which in Worthing and surrounding areas do by clicking here.

If your agent is here, only 3% of buyers know to look for your property on this website. 

Isn’t it better that as many people as possible see your home for sale?

That’s why at Sawyers we took the more expensive option and stuck with Rightmove AND Zoopla for our sellers. And it works. 

Get your property on the two biggest and best websites in the UK.

Go with Sawyers!

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