Just Why Does Everyone Want to Live Near Elm Grove?

Since I became an estate agent many years ago, I have worked in a number of locations finally settling at Sawyers in Heene Road, Worthing. It's a few miles from my former office, Cubbitt andWest, in Broadwater but strangely one thing hasn't changed

The fact that almost every applicant looking for property that I speak to mentions that they want to be close to Elm Grove.

And this is why.


The fact is, the local school, Elm Grove Primary is very well regarded taking children for reception right through to year four and it's quite a unique place.

Although it occupies a quaint turn of century typical school building, there's also been a lot ofinvestment of late with new classrooms and equipment. It also has very unusual outdoor space, climbing equipment, quiet areas, playground and so on. Everyone I seem to speak to who knows it says that it is still run with a 'village school ethos' where teachers know the children's names as well as their siblings and families. It is in short a modern old-fashioned school.

With a good education as priceless as ever and with private school fees around a £1000 a month, it is easy to see why the Heene area, Elm Grove and Tarring Road area are so popular with families looking for an exceptional State school.

There's just one problem.

With such a good school nearby, very few families ever seem to want to move away and as usual demand outstrips supply!

And if you know the school, it is easy to see why.

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