Modern Words - the Answers

Hello and a HUGE welcome to anyone visiting here because of our very special School Writing Competition.

Have you received a free bookmark and seen our word quiz?

You’ll find answers below, how many did you get right? Be honest!

Some words are new and some are old words but with new meanings. 

Bling - Overly flashy jewellery or accessories.

D’oh - Made famous by Homer Simpson, an expression of annoyance when its realised something silly has been done or said.

Dab - a dance move where the head is dropped into the outstretched arm as a form of victory move.

Infomania - the desire to check or accumulate news and information, typically via mobile phone or computer.

Noob - an inexperienced person, particularly in respect of IT.

Sick - Good.

Floss - A form of dance made popular by the game Fortnite.

Obvs - Obviously.

Hangry - A cross between hungry and angry, for those times when you really, really need to eat.

Beast - Something good or even awesome.

Ledge - Short for legend ie “That kid is a bit of a ledge”.

Lit - Exciting or good.

Staycation - Taking a holiday in your own country.

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