Name Your Price!

Our friends at Zoopla have released a fun analysis of street names this month linking the words to cost of the property.

They found that at home in the road with ‘Warren’ in its title is worth an average of over £600,000, more than double the average of £283,000. After Warren, the next most expensive address has the word ‘Chase’, being an average of £483,000.

And if you live in a ‘Way’ you can look at an average UK figure of £359,000.

The least expensive tend to have the word ‘Street’ in their address averaging £185,000, less than two-thirds of the national average. Other names towards the bottom of the list include ‘Court’ and ‘Terrace’ (not surprisingly).

Do you live in King Street?

You have a higher than average house price at nearly £300,000. ‘Queen’ makes it into the list at £249,000 and ‘Elizabeth’ at £291,000.

It's interesting to compare this to Worthing streets where we have of course Warren Road with many very expensive properties as well as Queen Street and Elizabeth Road – all very popular with buyers.

Of course there is only one way to really find out what your property is worth and that's to give us a call for a free valuation!

We look forward to hearing from you whether you live in a Road, a Street, a Chase, a Path, a Green, a Terrace, or a Court!

Photo courtesy of Andrew Butler.

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