Streets of Worthing. A walk through history

Worthing has many distinctive street names which relate to past events. We may drive or walk these streets daily, but do you know what they are named after?

Ophir Road

This road lies close to the beach, North of the A259 between Devonport Road and Heatherstone Road. This road is named after the shipwreck of the Norwegian Vessel Ophir which capsized in 1896.

Terringes Avenue

This place is named after the old name of Tarring, the village that the Avenue runs through. The road connects St. Andrew’s Church in West Tarring to The Boulevard.

Heene Road

The name comes from Hiun or Hiwun meaning Household or family. This place has historical significance as the location where the Spanish Warship St. James was beached in 1644 to escape from the Dutch.

Montague Street

This street was initially called Cross Lane and then later renamed in the early 1800s probably after Anthony Brown, 1st Viscount Montague who owned the land from 1539.

Goring Road

Goring-by-Sea has been part of Worthing since 1929. The name is believed to have originated from a word meaning either 'Gara's people', or 'people of the wedge-shaped strip of land'. The ‘by-Sea’ suffix was added around the time of the advent of rail travel and is used so that it is not confused with Goring-on-Thames, a village in Oxfordshire. 

Park Crescent

Park Crescent was given its name due to Crescent Road and the crescent shape of the property there. It's a place famous for the presence of some beautiful Georgian Architecture. The idea was to name it the Royal Park Crescent, but ‘Royal’ was abandoned later. 

Richmond Road

Richmond Road runs East-West, close to Park Crescent and was initially called Park Crescent Lane. This was later renamed to Richmond Lane/Richmond Road after the 6th Duke of Richmond.

And finally...

Although not a road we found this story about a Worthing seafront block interesting 

Capelia House 

This block lies between the Grand Avenue and Seaview Road, on the seafront. This building was supposed to be called Capella House in memory of the 1891 Capella shipwreck. However, the name was misspelt and it stuck!

We’ve done our best to provide correct information but if you’ve spotted any errors or you know more about Worthing’s fascinating history, please let us know.

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