The Benefits of 360 Virtual Property Tours

Imagine the scene; you have just the weekend to view properties and you know that it is only possible to make a handful of viewings in the time, it is cold and pouring with rain and in your heart you know that most of the properties you will be viewing, will not be suitable at all.

Wouldn't it be marvellous if you could stay at home, in front of the fire and look at properties together using 360º virtual tours on your tablet (smartphones and desktops are perfect too!). You could relax with a glass of wine as you do so and speedily rule out the ones that do not interest you.

More than 85% of potential buyers now make their initial search for properties online for just these reasons! The property portals in your chosen area have a huge selection to choose from and include properties being handled by various estate agencies. The property listings with 360º virtual tours are the ones that are visited the most often and importantly, viewers stay on the page for much longer. 360º virtual property tours have become a powerful marketing tool.

What Are All the Advantages for You, the Prospective Buyer?

  • A 360º tour greatly enhances your viewing experience of the property as it really does feel like you are in the property in person!
  • The virtual tour will give you a good 'feel' for the property.
  • The 360º virtual tour adds personalisation and interactivity with each property description for those searching online.
  • You are able to have a thorough viewing of each room in turn and can see all the positive aspects and any negative points in each.
  • You can focus on something that particularly interests you in each room such as flooring, windows or lighting.
  • You will not feel rushed, because you can spend as long as you like in each room and can revisit it as many times as you like!
  • You can discuss each room freely together as there is no agent or houseowner within earshot!
  • You can leave comments or ask any questions about the property online such as queries about insulation and heating.
  • The 360º virtual tour shows the location of the house, its grounds, a floor plan and can give extra information about important amenities such as schools, shops and doctors' surgeries.
  • This is a great time-saving way to go property hunting because if at any stage, the property proves doesn't meet your requirements, you simply stop the tour!
  • A 360º virtual tour can also create a sense of ownership as you will be able to feel if you could happily live in the property.
  • This technology is used for brand new properties too, to so buyers get a feel for how the finished property will look – and for its room layout.
  • This is the perfect way to view a property if you are interested in property in a completely different area in the UK or are living abroad.

The best news of all for those in busy jobs is that it is possible to take a virtual tour at any time of the day or night and on any day of the week. All this, without even leaving your armchair.

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Article kindly provided by Chris Stevens.

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