The One Thing You'll Never See On A Viewing

If you are something of a property junkie, you can get your fix pretty easily these days. There's no end of tips for sellers out there - declutter, fresh flowers, do the garden, hide the kids, etc. But most sellers also become buyers, and many buyers don't even sell before they buy.

They're lucky enough to have cash or they're a first time buyer.

Selling tips mean very little to them.

So here's our No.1 tip for buyers, and to be honest it couldn't be simpler and here it is.

Don't just look at a property, listen to it.

Sometimes we can be so busy looking at the style of the house, the curtains, the decor, the carpets, the surrounding area, the view from the window, we forget to just take a moment to use our other sense, hearing.

A good estate agent - and there are plenty - should give you the time that you need when you are viewing the property pointing out some of the features and benefits of the home, but also giving you time to relax a little, sit quietly and just imagine yourself in the property.

The view from the lounge might be lovely, but step outside into the delightful garden and perhaps there's excessive road noise or a school nearby and the noise from there might disturb your peace and quiet.

On our viewings, we always try to allow a prospective buyer time.

We don't rush them around barking out everything we think is important. We try to find out what they think is important instead.

Sometimes in a busy moment if we forget this No.1 rule when we are showing you a house, just remind us of it. We really won't mind. And we always promise to listen!

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