Use Tech to Boost Your Home Security

Is it time you reviewed your home security? The great news is that you can get a home security system that is easy to use, suits your needs well and your property and should these change, these easily managed systems have add-ons that can be used to enhance your system or increase its coverage. Even if you are happy with your home security, it is worth considering the new gadgets on the market as they can help protect elderly relatives or others living on their own and will bring great peace of mind at the same time.

The important thing is to take action if your home is not suitably protected. Up to 70% of intruders are deterred by home security systems. Don't think that it is best to hide security cameras and alarms, some blatantly on display will be off putting to many burglars who would far prefer to break in to an unprotected house. When you are assessing your system, don't forget to protect the windows and doors at the back and sides of your property, the garage and garden shed.

From a simple door viewer

This is such an easy gadget to install and can be placed behind an existing peep hole on the front door. Any movement will trigger it into action and the viewer will photograph any visitors who knock on the door and record the time and date. 

These images can be downloaded onto a PC. A 'variation on a theme' is the doorbell video App that will ring on your smartphone and enable you to see and speak with the caller, wherever you happen to be. The Ring product is becoming very popular now that so many of us spend long periods away from our homes.

To a central security hub

You can get a Smart home security system that suits you and your property. The system comes as a kit and it is possible to buy various other gadgets that can be added. The systems monitor visitors to your front door but will also detect any movement at doors, windows and within rooms. Other gadgets switch lights on and off in individual rooms and switch on the television and music.

The Smart home hub is connected to your broadband router either by cable or Wi-Fi and this can be controlled by you using an App on your smartphone. The hub communicates to all parts of the system, but a point to note is that different brands of hub use different communication methods which include wireless protocols and Z waves. All parts of your system will need to be integrated so that they can communicate seamlessly.

Window and door sensors

Sensors are fitted to doors and windows that detect when an attempt has been made to open any of them and you will be notified of this via your smartphone. Popular add ons for these movement sensors are bright lights and loud sirens which are both triggered by any movement and are powerful deterrents. The great news is that these are all connected to the central security hub which in turn is linked to your smartphone via a special App.

Likewise there are internal siren systems that can be used to alert the family when there is movement in an unused part of the house. Again, these sirens will be linked to the central security hub which will alert you instantly wherever you are.

Interestingly, this new generation of home security systems can be used for keeping an eye on elderly relatives who live on their own or even a new puppy, or getting the lights and heating switched on ready for your homecoming.

The advances in home security using tech are certainly impressive and importantly, need not cost the earth. There are DIY kits available, but if you feel unconfident about tackling such a project, there are companies that sell the kit and provide an installation service. Certainly, providing good security for your home has never been easier and nor as effective. With the security system linked to your smart phone you will be notified instantly of any unexpected movements in your home or callers at your front door....even if it is just your new neighbour hoping to borrow a cup of sugar!

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